By Miller Prosser, October 2012

In many cases a text should be entered as an associated item of an object.

1. Find the object related to the text.

2. Add the Associated Item property to the object’s property sheet.
  • Note: this assumes that the proper sections of the taxonomy have been defined.

3. In the value field of the Associated Item variable, click the paperclip^ icon.

4. Fill in the text name in the dialog box.
  • Note: I like to save the text with just the name filled in. This will allow OCHRE to check the database for possible text duplication. Make sure the “Warn if duplicate...” check box is selected if your project wants to prevent duplicate text names or numbers. If another text exists with the same name, OCHRE will ask if you want to link to that text instead. If you click YES, then OCHRE will link to the preexisting text and abandon the new one you are entering. So, don’t enter too much data in this new text if there is a chance that a duplicate could exist.

5. You may now double-click on the Associated Item link to open the text and begin or continue editing.

6. The Pending Content pane is a good place to begin entering new transliterations. Data entered in these panes will be saved for viewing and editing later.

7. This content can also be copied to the Import pane when the text is ready to be imported into the database.

Associated Item.JPG