By Miller Prosser, May 2017

The OCHRE database now supports publication of database items to formats appropriate for web and mobile consumption.

Our first digital publication is a Sumero-Akkadian sign list:

(More coming soon)

Publishing from OCHRE

Any item can be published from OCHRE in a simplified XML format. These published items are made available via an API, allowing web developers to create websites that include project data. Data can also be published in sets. For example, you may wish to publish a collection of pottery, texts, dictionary lemmas, etc. Publishing as a set allows you to publish the entire collection with a single click. For security reasons, only project administrators can publish data from their project.

How to publish an item?

  1. Right-click the item in the left navigation pane, and choose Publish item from the menu.
  2. On a set, navigate to the Utilities tab and use one of the Publish buttons.

Publishing a set

These are the options for publishing a set from the Utilities tab of the set:
  1. Publish -- this option publishes the set with a simple list of the set items. The option is appropriate for creating an index or table of items, but does not publish the full details of each set item.
  2. Publish, From spec -- this option allows the user to specify which variables to publish for each item in the set. So, instead of publishing the full XML document for each item, this publishes a smaller document that can be loaded more quickly on the web.
  3. Publish, Compact -- this options publishes a compact version of the set appropriate for use in R. Contact the OCHRE Data Service for help using this option.
  4. Publish all items in this set -- this option does not publish the set, but all the items in the set.
  5. Unpublish -- this option unpublishes the set.
  6. Unpublish all items in this set -- this option unpublishes the items in the set.

Who can see the published item?

Once published, an item is accessible by an API provided by the OCHRE Data Service. Details on the API will be published in the near future. Contact the OCHRE Data Service for help accessing published items.

How do I publish corrections?

Make any corrections or additions to your project data as you do normally. By using one of the Publish options outline above, you push these changes to the web, updating the previous version of the published item(s).

What if I want to unpublish an item?

Use one of the Unpublish options above to make the item unavailable to the web.