By Miller Prosser, January 2014

When using the Lexicography Wizard to analyze a text, a user can add a new lemma or grammatical form to the dictionary without leaving the wizard.

The Lexicography Tool will report (0) if no matching forms are found in the dictionary.

Click the Lemma… button

The wizard populates the search field with the selected form. Use this or edit it to search for a Lemma form. So, typically you should remove any prefixes and suffixes before searching. Click the Arrow button to search the dictionary for the lemma.

The results are presented in the picklist in the dialog box and in the linked items pane.

Choose the correct form from the picklist if it appears there. Then click Accept. If the Lemma does not yet exist in the dictionary, you can add it below the currently displayed context in the linked items pane. Click the Insert Below Arrow to do this.