• General
    • Added expand/collapse buttons in several contexts to give the user more control of the screen layout. This is particularly useful when using OCHRE on laptops with more limited screen real estate. Look for the chevron button ...

      ... on the edit pane of Location or object items and Concept items
      ... on the View of Resource items

      ... on the Linked Items pane (to allow more space for navigating the category hierarchies)

  • Query/Sets
    • Period links are now treated the same as regular Other Links for the purpose of displaying "reverse" links; for example, in an item's View when the show-reverse-links option is on, or by request (Format Specifications) on a Set's table format.

  • Resources
    • Import of Resources from the Utilities tab (by authorized users) now lets you choose to use the creation date of the file, plucked from its metadata, as its OCHRE creation date.