• General
  • Query/Sets
    • Added Coordinates to the default tables where appropriate.
    • Tweaked display of numeric data of units-enabled properties in tables so that it shows correctly with its units.
    • Added assorted "meta"-properties to the Properties list of Queries so that this information can be queried in a natural way. For example, one can search "Coordinates is present" for Persons or Spatial units; or "Bibliography is not present" for Texts. Meta variables are listed in UPPERCASE in the list of Properties.
    • Polished raw-text entry fields when displayed on front-end queries, making available the virtual keyboard and the right-click cut/copy/paste menu.


  • Textual/Lexical
    • Allowed images on Dictionary entries.
    • Fixed some issues determining line-number context of Notes on Texts in Parallel view.

  • Bibliography
    • Added a new mechanism from the Linked Items pane to easily query and create links from an appropriately configured Zotero library. See Quick-link to Zotero for details. Polished other assorted Zotero issues.
    • Added option of a bibliography link at the top-level of Spatial units and Concepts, not just at the observation or interpretation level.

  • General
    • Taught OCHRE to respect other Region/Language locales for entering numeric property values. That is, European users can use their local settings (e.g. "French" region) then enter a decimal value as: 1 020,50 (e.g. with the comma instead of dot to represent the decimal).
  • Resources
    • Added the ability to drag-drop files from the local file system to either the Links pane of an item or a resources hierarchy root item. If dropped on item Links, OCHRE will prompt for the location (a Resource hierarchy) in which to create the corresponding Resources; the resulting Resources will be linked to the item. Multiples files can be selected and dragged/dropped in a single action. In either case, if server details are available and active, OCHRE will auto-generate thumbnails and move both the thumbnails and original files to the server. A new Preference on a Resource hierarchy can tell OCHRE to move just thumbnails on the drag-drop operation (for the situation where you may not be working with a fast internet connection).
    • Added a "Create thumbnail" button on the Image View menu. This will auto-generate and save a thumbnail image (432 pixels in the maximum dimension) in the location specified by the image's parent hierarchy (or the Resources Inbox by default). Note that FTP access is required to the server destination so that the thumbnail can be saved there.
    • Added compensation for TIF orientation. That is, if the Exif Orientation suggests that the photo was not taken "right side up", the image will be rotated appropriately on the View so that it shows right side up.
  • Query/Sets
    • Added CONTENT (any epigraphic or discourse hierarchy) and PENDING CONTENT as metadata query options on the query Properties of a Text.
    • Fixed images that were being unintentionally skewed in Table cells when exported to Excel.
  • Taxonomy
    • Added a new feature that allows the use of Variables that are agnostic as to their units; see the details here.