• General
    • Added a link from the OCHRE website to launch OCHRE using a higher memory allocation than that which is used by default. This option requires a computer that supports the 64-bit version of Java and which has at least 4 GB of RAM. For instructions on using the high-memory allocation version see FAQ#18 on the OCHRE website.
    • Fixed several problems with conflicting keystrokes on the Mac. See Entering Special Characters on the Mac for more details on using Mac keyboard shortcuts.
  • Query/Sets
    • Greatly improved the presentation of the Seal Impressions on the Comprehensive View of a Seal by displaying a summary in a tabular format with columns that can be sorted.
    • Exposed new options on Query variables representing assorted types of metadata, based on the Category to which the query is Scoped. These options are replacing some that were previously managed on the "Other" criteria tab. These options will show up colored and upper-cased, and with associated Operators appropriate to the type of metadata represented.
    • Query,-metadata.gif
      Query metadata
    • Added a new query operator "is or is contained by" to take advantage of hierarchical structures.
  • Resources
    • On the View of an item, automatically detect links from hotspots and provide an option to turn these on. [If the option is not available there were no hotspots detected.
    • Hotspot, view reverse.JPG
      Option to view hotspot links


  • General
    • Created a new drop-down pick-list for selecting values of relational variables, without needing to interact with the Linked Items pane directly. Check out this full description of the Dynamic Pick-list feature.
    • Derived a strategy for using numeric variables that are units-agnostic. The variable can be linked to a base unit defined in the OCHRE Master project (e.g. meters). Values for that variable can then be entered using any of the units related to the base units (e.g. cm, mm, km, etc.). This makes it possible to do numeric comparisons between values having different, but compatible, units.
  • Locations & Objects
    • Added the ability to use a point-based shapefile to assign values to a coordinate-style variable of selected item(s); see Managing Point Coordinates.
  • Taxonomy
    • Added the option of a hierarchical pick-list for Predefinitions. Click the tree-button to the left of the Apply a Predefinition pick-list to toggle between the hierarchical format and the usual (flat) list style.
    • Version, hierarchical predefinitions.JPG
      Hierarchical pick-list for Predefinitions
  • Textual/Lexical
    • Made the View of corpus-based dictionaries/glossaries dynamic. Many implications of this!
    • Added Import-from-Word functionality and added Load buttons with this functionality to the Pending Content panes so that Text content can be loaded directly from Microsoft Word (docx) files. Only basic formatting is supported, primarily italics, bold, superscripts, and numbered paragraphs. The Word highlight option can be used and will be noted as "edited" content by OCHRE if loaded into the Pending Content pane of a Text. Any Word formatting we don't recognize will get side-stepped.


  • General
    • For a hierarchy's Descendants, images View, allowed the inclusion of hotspots as indicated by a new Display option.
    • Fixed some problems with the Go To path feature.
    • Added a Rename option on hierarchy Utilities to allow replacement of dots with dashes in file URIs.
  • Query/Sets
    • Added the item UUID as a default column to most on-the-fly tables.
    • Significantly improved IS LINK Advanced option of front-end queries.
  • Resources
    • Enhance the Itemizing shapefile feature to allow the use of a wizard-like pick menu to select which observations/interpretations are to be used for linking. Extends also to selecting observations for the Assign Coordinate feature. Defaults, without asking, to the only observation or interpretation if there is only one. Creates a new one if none exist already. That is, it only asks if there is more than one option.
  • Textual/Lexical
    • Improved handling of Discourse units when accessed via Query Results and from the Comprehensive View of Persons.
    • Fixed problems with assorted Views of discourse units to make them more useful.
    • Adjusted Text View to scroll automatically to the first highlighted item in each pane, if any.


  • General
    • Moved the value of an Alias to its tab for display.
    • Customized the Gentium font to accommodate all characters (in their official Unicode points) used by our projects. See Gentium customizations for details.
    • Adapted the Descendants, images option to work on the View of a hierarchy. Check Include hotspots on the Display options to include any hotspots in this view.
    • Fixed several issues with string-based links.
    • Added progress bars to the processes of creating and restoring offline sessions.
    • Allowed images to participate in offline sessions. Thumbnails (only) of relevant images will be downloaded to the local offline session.
  • Bibliography
    • Allowed editing of bibliographic link details.
    • Updated assorted Zotero-OCHRE integration features.
  • Query
    • Improved performance of "IS LINK"-style queries.
    • Allowed Character-string criteria and Property criteria to be used together on a front-end query.
  • Resources
    • Added a GIS feature to assign coordinates from the points of a Point shapefile to OCHRE items; find details here.
  • New on the Wiki/Website