December 2014

Learn how to quickly find items by searching by item name.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will search for items that contain the word "Mount" in their name.

1. Open the Link Manager by clicking the paperclip button on the toolbar.

2. Search within the tutorial project by selecting "OCHRE Tutorial" in the Project of link target pick list.

3. Select Locations & objects in the Category of link target pick list.


4. Type Mount* in the Find item by name field.

5. Click the magnifying glass button directly to the left of the Find item by name field.


If there is only one result, this item open in a new window. If there are multiple results, they will be listed in the Query results pane. The results in the Query results pane are links to the items in the database. A single click will open an item.

6. Next, try the same search but this time click the magnifying glass button with the asterisk. See what happens.

Instead of searching only the Locations & objects category, this search included the entire project.

NOTE: the button directly to the right of the Find item by name field will search for items only within the Category of link target AND will return items that are an exact match. "Mount*" will not return results with this type of search. However, "Mount Ararat" will return one result.